Anne Russell: End Alcohol Advertising in Sport

I am the Executive Officer of the rffada the only national organisation supporting parents and caregivers living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder [FASD], a condition caused by prenatal alcohol exposure. And it’s for that reason that we’ve thrown all our support behind a new campaign to protect Aussie kids from alcohol advertising in sport. With September fast approaching and footy finals fever building, we are bracing for the relentless onslaught of alcohol advertising. Did you know that the alcohol industry very deliberately targets children – their customers of tomorrow? That’s a problem because the evidence is very clear that exposure to alcohol advertising leads to children drinking earlier and at riskier levels. The alcohol industry knows that embedding alcohol advertising in sport normalises alcohol consumption among children who wish to emulate their sporting heroes. This is why the rffada is proud to endorse and support the campaign to End Alcohol Advertising in Sport, and why I ask you today to join me in this fight. By the football finals, we need to double our impact by doubling our supporter numbers to show Big Alcohol that targeting our children is just not on. Please ask just one friend, colleague or family member to join the campaign now. You can also encourage your friends to follow on Facebook and Twitter and to tweet with the hashtag #EndAlcAdInSport. Together we can double our numbers, double our impact, and end alcohol advertising in sport, for good

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