Caregiver Burnout

FASD Network of Southern California Caregiver Burnout If you are providing care to a loved one with FASD, chances are that you will experience at least one of the stages of caregiver burnout at some point.

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Philip May Describes Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol’s Harms

McManus R (Jan 25 2019) ‘May Describes Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol’s Harms’ National Institute of Health USA

“Most people like alcohol, especially the population in general who are now of child¬bearing age. And current norms encourage or allow alcohol use more than in the past two or three generations,” said May. “You just don’t know—maybe one or a few drinks a night during particularly sensitive times in pregnancy could reduce your child’s IQ somewhat. Repeated nights of drinking have been demonstrated to affect not only brain structure and development, but also are linked with a variety of behavioral problems. There is too frequently an attitude-behavior disconnect with a significant number of people today.”

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Sobering Study about Drinking for Two

Brubaker, M (31 August 2018) “It is imperative that we find a solution to this global health problem,” said Christina Chambers PhD MPH. “Women need to know that we have not been able to demonstrate a safe level of alcohol to drink while pregnant, so the best approach to prevention is to avoid alcohol in pregnancy.” UC San Diego Health. Read article here…

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